AB Maritime

Arab Bridge Maritime is the outcome of the significant joint venture between the governments of Jordan, Egypt and Iraq. AB Maritime was founded in November 1985 with a paid-up capital of $6 million distributed equally between the three partner governments. The capital was increased from profits several times to become $100.5 million in 2014.

Due to the strategic location of both Aqaba and Nuweiba as the only gateway between the Arab countries in both Africa and Asia, the company was granted an exclusive concession by the governments of Jordan and Egypt to operate the Aqaba-Nuweiba ferry service line for the transportation of passengers, goods and vehicles of all sorts.

The Company started its operations with hired vessels, but AB Maritime currently owns its own fleet of seven vessels with an estimated value plus other assets totaling $ 140 million and is planning to increase its fleet force in the future in order to serve the current expansion of its operations.